Bigg Boss Tamil 08-10-2020 *Day 4* Vijay TV Season 4

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Bigg Boss Tamil 08-10-2020. Bigg Boss 4 Tamil October 8th 2020 | Watch Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 08/10/2020. Big Boss 08.10.20 Live Stream.

Big Boss 08/10/20. 4th Season of Bigg Boss Tamil is hosted by Kamal Haasan once again.

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Bigg Boss Tamil 08-10-2020 is an authenticity show predicated on the pristine Dutch Astronomically immense Brother format developed by John de Mol Jr. Unlike pristine Immensely Colossal Brother, Bigg Boss Tamil features celebrity and commoner contestants. The contestants (kenned as “housemates”) live in a house that is isolated from the world. Following innominate internal voting by the housemates and external voting by television audiences, one housemate is “evicted” (abstracted) from the house each week. During the final week, the final four housemates vote to determine the exhibition’s victor. The eponymous Bigg Boss character accommodates as an omnipresent ascendancy figure and represents the exhibition’s engenderers. He often interacts with the housemates to assign challenges and ask questions.
The fourth season was planned to be launched on June 2020 but delayed due to the pandemic situation. Star Vijay posted the teaser of the 4th Season on 27 August, 2020, along with which the season’s logo was revealed. The season is set to premier on at 6:00 PM IST, on October 4, 2020.

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